A Modern Way To Travel

It’s The Twenty-First Century, Why Are We Still Walking?

The ever evolving and technologically developing world of today is changing dynamically. It is a compelling 21st century reality that is here to stay, which is why embracing the new-age era of innovation is a crucial social necessity for us all.

We Present: The Dynamic Sk8t

The Dynamic Sk8t is a ground breaking societal utility that empowers not just the everyday board owner as a ‘trend-setter’, but also consumers at large with a strong ‘value proposition’; unthinkable authority, ease and viability unheard of before.

The 1-Wheel-Skateboard is truly unique and distinctly cutting-edge in a sense that it gives the realistic illusion of ‘levitation’ via a singular wheel placed skilfully underneath the board. The design is meticulous and futuristic, without comprising the integrity and luxurious appeal of the board. The eye-catching layout of the E-Skateboard is further enhanced by a blue colored light around the bezel of the board, which heightens the experience indoors and helps in visibility outdoors at night.



Developed with proprietary technology backed by years of research and tests.


Unlike other boards, Dynamic Sk8t is accurate to the millimeter.


Develops a personal statement which delivers a quintessential message.

  • The Board Becomes An Extension of You!


The Dynamic Sk8t is not a tech-gadget, a new-age fad or another entry into an increasingly crowding hover-board market. It is infact a manifestation of human grandeur embodied in ambition and a breakthrough in personal transportation that offers sophistication yet ease and opulence yet practicality.

For centuries mankind has tried to conquer the future with aspirations of triumphs and accolades, yet none of those facets truly capture the masterpiece that is the Dynamic Sk8t. The E-Skateboard is a product of years of research, focused skill, tests and desire to provide a grandiose mode of movement which people can truly embrace as an ‘extension’ of the-self.


The Dynamic Sk8t seeks to not only harness the power of ease in personal mobility, but also in developing a personal statement that delivers a strong message. A message that says: “I am unique and I deserve the best”. The 1-Wheel-Skateboard technology brings substance to your persona, your place in the society and your individual freedom.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cutting edge design which ensures flawless balance through our proprietary ‘self-balancing’ architecture, enabling you to position yourself on the E-Skateboard from various angles, regardless of the type of terrain.
  • The natural feel of the E-Skateboard helps you maneuver with tremendous ease and smooth intuition, regardless of your age or size.
  • An astounding range of 16 kms; enabling you to traverse distances on a single charge!
  • With a top speed of 18 km/h, you can be sure to breeze your way through the city or at campus on the way to class, or to the mall for a cup of coffee! The uses are endless and the limitations none!
  • At 10.5 kgs of weight, the Dynamic Sk8t offers portability; helping you to pickup and store the board with relative ease.

Product Specifications 

Range : 16 km
Top speed: 18 km/h
Weight: 10.5kg
Motor power: 500 w
Battery type : Samsung Li-Ion
Battery capacity: 4.4 A
Battery voltage: 36 V
Battery power: 158 W
Power indicator: LED
Maximum Load: 120kg

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